Big Brother! | Port Elgin “Expecting You” Photography

I think I need a new years resolution in the summer! I miss blogging! I do it all year with my kiddos at school but get away from it in the business sense. So here it goes!

2 years ago I shared my cousins first “Expecting You” session (the one with the sunset! Click here to see) … Well almost 2 years later to the day we were back out on the beach for some photos with Big Brother Everett!!! This time we were not so lucky with a sunset, but I do love the way clouds can make everything look beautiful as well. With thunder rolling in, and an almost 2 year old on our hands we managed to get some fun shots to document the next phase of this family’s life!

Enjoy a little taste of soon to be Big Brother Everett and his mom and dad!

– Nicole



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