Cottage Life | Victoria Harbour “We Are Family” Session

This photo shoot has been a few years in the making, but the timing was perfect.  Kristine and I went to university together and both share a passion for teaching and photography.   Kristine wanted some photos of her favourite place in the world: The Cottage.  I learned the family history and the cottage has been in the family for ever. Kristine’s grandmother, her mother, herself and her kids have all experienced summer life here and it is easy to see why the entire family loves the cottage.

I am excited to share these photos with you.  We had a blast exploring the cottage property, the dock, the point, the cottage and even a picnic table IN THE WATER!!!  Camden was very curious about the amount of times I was in the water and thought it was silly some of the places I found my self hiding. Trevor on the other hand made me work a bit for a smile but once we got one the dimples came out and they were epic!!! We had lots of giggles, and the weather ended up perfect (especially since it again was supposed to thunder storm) in our time together.  I also cant end a session near water without a good splash and it was perfect!

Thanks Kristine and family for inviting me to spend time at your little piece of heaven. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do!

– Nicole



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