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Nicole Kaufman has a passion for photography. She has a keen eye for design and composition. She is able to layer light, texture, placement and balance in an amazingly creative method. She is technically capable and edits with a keen eye. Her creativity appears in the unique locations where she chooses to perform. They may be outside in the beauty of nature or at an architecturally unique place where the talents of mankind are showcased. The settings are juxtaposed with the energy of the individuals she is capturing. Her final shots are breathtaking.

Just as important as her love of photography, is her passion for people. Trained as an educator she has turned a high school hobby into a business. She uses all her technical skills brilliantly, but it is her ability to capture the essence of relationships that place her pictures at a professional level. Whether she is capturing a new born’s first few hours in the physical dimension, a young warrior struggling with challenges, a new couple beginning their journey together, or a family celebration of generations of love, she produces wonderful shots.  She is able to capture in print the genuine love of mankind. This is indeed a gift and one to be celebrated and used.

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  1. Hey Nicole,

    Steve and I had our baby on Jan.9th! We were just wondering if you were available to take the photos either Friday or Saturday? Let me know:)


  2. Hi Nicole

    My daughter Elyza was in Drew and Elaine Williams wedding last September.
    There are 2 pictures that I would love to have a copy of. The first is the one
    of her sitting in the window upstairs at the church and the other is a fairly close up
    picture of her sitting in a chair at the reception that night.

    I’ve been trying to track Drew and Elaine down but life is busy… please let
    me know if you can help me out.


  3. Would you be available to take some wedding pics for Bobby and I in September of this year? No date set in stone yet, just check’n your availability first.
    Let me know.

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