Ice, Ice Baby! | Listowel 2013 Ice Storm

Tonight I am posting a fun personal blog, while I wait for some winter maternity photos to load! I do a lot of work with people in some pretty great places but sometimes I just love getting out and taking photos of nature. I also realized I am a true photographer when it is the middle of an ice storm, there is no power, and I am outside capturing photographs! Only a Photographer would brave the elements to get the PERFECT shot!

Ice and snow is very beautiful if you get it at the correct moment. It can also be very devastating if too much happens all at one time.  Southwestern Ontario was hit with it’s second ice storm of the year in 2013, and this one I did not pass up.  I find simple beauty in these images.  The second day after the original storm  was a much brighter and sunnier day, which made photos even prettier as the ice just sparkled in the sun.

Please enjoy  a few of my favourites from the December 2013 Ice Storm!

– N ICE-1 ICE-2 ICE-3 ICE-4 ICE-5 ICE-6 ICE-7 ICE-8 ICE-9 ICE-10 ICE-11 ICE-12 ICE-13 ICE-14 ICE-15 ICE-16 ICE-17 ICE-18 ICE-19 ICE-21 ICE-22 ICE-23 ICE-24 ICE-25


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