2014 Is Here – Part 2

The second part of my news to share is that Kaufman Klicks now has an official portfolio website!

The last few weeks have been crazy colour picking, choosing images, reworking my packages, and choosing music.  I have had some amazing help, with people proofing and helping me write sections, and getting final pictures added. I am also excited to tell my clients that I am now offering on-line proofing albums, and I am excited to try this out with my 2014 sessions!

I would LOVE to send a big shout out to Agnes Marie Henderson, for allowing me to use 3 of her original works. I love that I have 3 pieces of music on my site that mean something and are unique to Kaufman Klicks!!!! Again Alicia without your amazing talent I would not have a logo to place on the page, so again thanks for the bottom of my heart!


Check it out by clicking www.kaufmanklicks.ca!!!

photo 1 photo 2

– N

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