Jenny | Waterloo Photography

I have watched Jenny grow up and have seen such an amazing change in her this past year. She is my original MODEL! (remember Jenny and the Green Dress) It is tradition that we have a photo shoot together every year and we cut it pretty close last year having it on December 30th.  In the past we have dressed up in fancy clothes, have explored new and unique places in waterloo (Jenny’s High School Session), and even went a little vintage, but we had never worked in the snow.

Although it was FREEZING cold, Jenny was a trooper! I am happy to share my first photo blog of 2014 with you, because this girl has been such an amazing help in getting me to where I am today. I know I can call her up if I want to try new things, or just to go out and have fun! Jenny is a natural and she lets me play, and that is sometimes the best thing a photographer can ask for because the “model” or client trusts their judgement. This is what the business is all about growing, learning, experiencing and creating works of art.

Jenny you have an amazing soul, and passion for everything you do. Thank you for letting me share your spirit through photos to the world!

– N

b c Jenny-26 d e Jenny-19 Jenny-20 a-Edit

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