One June Evening – Living the Teenage Dream

Welcome into August! I hope that you are all enjoying the summer months. I have been in the process of creating some new programs, in reality I am revamping old ones.  My High School Senior Sessions is going to be a stand alone option, which means it will be open to graduating students in grade 12 only.  Not to worry for my grade 8 graduates I have something for you as well, or anyone in their teenage years not quite making it to the “high school senior” section but wants to have a session of their own. It is called “Living the Teenage Dream” and its all about being a teenager and doing what you do best!

The following photos, are the final ones from the sneak peek blog back in June/July.  These three girls were so willing to try things out and we had two great locations to work with and several fabulous outfits (check out their dresses I just love them). I cannot wait to get back to this field to shoot and even the beach!

Make up by Jessica Martin (only on Tori)

Thanks Regan, Shelby and Tori for being so patient while I got these photos ready for you and to Jess for catching some images as well.

– N

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