Scherpenzeel Family

I am going way back into the files for these next few blog posts but I have a little time to get some done and wanted to share this wonderful family with you!

Meet the Scherpenzeel family. They were all gathering to celebrate the anniversary of their parents, grand parents, and great grand parents.  We managed to dodge the rain and get some really great photos.  They spent the day at White Pine Ranch Bed and Breakfast, a great place for gatherings and meals I hear.  Along the way I even had an impromptu maternity session as there was one expecting couple within the family. We had so many laughs along the way and it made the time go by so quickly. I hope you enjoy the pictures.  Thanks again for letting me capture your family I had a great time and hope you did as well.

How cute are these two girls

I just LOVE this shot… He only has eyes for her.


One comment

  1. Hi Nicole,
    Just wondering if you would be available to do some family pictures for my father- in- laws 70th birthday on September 10th or 11th. We are getting together at our house for a birthday dinner and are interested in getting an updated group shot and some candid shots of the family.
    Let me know if you are available,
    Debbie Uptigrove

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