Baby Avalon

Meet Baby Avalon!

Avalon was so full of smilies when I got there and stayed that way for the most part of our session. At six and a half weeks old she was a really good baby.  She really didn’t like the baskets at all or even the hats yet she LOVED all the warm blankets. I feel that the plain back drops used with this session helped in creating the innocence and beauty of the new born phase of life.

These first time parents were ready to have some photos done, they were constantly talking to A and trying to make her smile, and even sleep at times. It had been a while since I had the opportunity to work with a newborn and I am always ready and willing to work with one (even when they have a moment of tears).

I just loved Baby A’s big beautiful eyes!

New borns are a one of my favourite sessions I do because of the ease of the photos and the different features that make the baby whole.  Although I love sleepy babies, I also enjoy the bright eyes and smiles I get when they are awake!  I also really like to edit these photos in black and white they add a different level to the picture.

We ended the day with a sleepy Avalon, and got some final family ones and even added the family pet who was great to photograph.

Kelly and Chad thank you for welcoming me into your home and your family for a brief time. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them!!!

– N

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