A Colourful Easter

Happy Easter everyone… It has been a really long time since I have just done a blog post for fun. I am not saying that blogging about the awesome families, or friends, or even newborns that I photograph is not FUN, but I wanted something that was outside the ordinary for me. So I thought I would share a little Easter memory with you all. I am sure that each of you have your own memory (eg: the trail of Easter eggs the bunny used the leave for you that lead you to your Easter basket? or something that you always remember this time of year) and I am sure it is one that you love to share with those around you at this time of year.
I can remember as a child colouring Easter eggs with my Grandma for our family Easter. We coloured Easter eggs in the spirit of the bunny but also because the Kaufman family always had an egg cracking contest. Grandma and the grandchildren coloured the eggs and decorated them so the rest of the family could choose the one they thought would lead them to being the champion. When we all got together we would all choose an egg and go head to head with another family member seeing if we could crack their egg before they got ours. We could never fully remember from year to year who won which was part of the fun! It was always a challenge and always the source of many laughs when we all got together.

This year, here I am colour eggs, not for the Kaufman family but the Weber side of my family. Occasionally, in the past the two families got together and we would have a cross family battle. Today, I take my carton of eggs, to pass the tradition on to my cousins. They love the fun and each person tries to come up with their own unique strategy to see if they can be the last one standing!

Happy Easter all. Enjoy the time with family and friends, remembering the true meaning of Easter!


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