The Royal Wedding – My View

Yesterday before the wedding I was going to photograph I was going through the British Monarchy photos from the Royal Wedding. I am so excited that I found this photo and I couldn’t help but write and little blog and share it with you.

As I watched the service on TV I was in awe of the simple yet elegant nature of everything. Yes I understand the Royals and the serious side of things but in all honesty it was just perfect to see. Kate’s dress was not over the top but suited her perfectly.  The devious smirk by Price Harry when he saw her walking down the aisle, the decorations in Westminster Abbey and the numerous hats (some good and some not so good) also made the service memorable.
The balcony scene definitely was one of my favourite parts. The 3 kisses, to the entire Royal family, and even the jets flying over head completed the wedding day. I can remember talking to a good friend of mine while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were leaving the balcony when she turned around and took one more look at the crowd, then proceeded back into the palace. When this happened I thought to my self and said that, that right there is an awesome photo opportunity and I hoped that one of the thousand photographers there captured it and guess what …. THEY DID

So here is the photo for you to also enjoy. I know that there are numberous websites with pictures. Take time to go through them, there are so many to see and go through.  What did you think of the Royal wedding, or did you even watch it? Share your thoughts and favourite moments. I would love to hear from you!


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  1. Hey Nikki,
    I did not watch the whole wedding but was totally impressed. I was 9yrs old when Prince Charles and Lady Diana got married on my birthday. It thrilled me then but didn’t even think about ever watching their son get married. I think they are an awesome couple and loved the photos that I have saw. They were amazing.
    I also want to congratulate you on your photos that I have been seeing on your blog. You are improving girl and have soem really neat idea. I was thinking about you recently as I was looking in a Women’s World magazine-there was a photo of a baby that I thought was somethign you would enjoy doing. The baby was in an old wooden tub with towels a rubber ducky and a small chalk board with the saying Bubbles 5cents Giggles Free!. I may have to scan it and send it to you just for an idea. Its one that I think you could have fun with in your phot sessions. Take care and keep having fun doing pictures they are totally amazing and I must admit that everyone that got a picture of my kids at Christmas were impressed with what you had done. Take care and talk to you soon,
    Sara Williams

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