Jenny and the Green Dress

Jenny contacted me after our summer session that we did with her sister and cousin, and asked if we could do some pictures with formal wear. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to photographer her again and have some fun with more formal pictures.  We originally planned on shooting in waterloo park but it started to rain and was extremely cold so we stopped in at my relatives place. We decided that just shooting at the Seagram Lofts since the architecture and surrounding area was very picturesque.  We shot for quite a while and I give Jenny so much credit because it was very cold, windy and at times rainy, she never once complained and we had so much fun laughing and trying out poses and moving from location to location.  I really enjoyed shooting here and hopefully can go back in the future.

– N

To see more photos from our fabulous click the video link below!

Jenny and the Green Dress.

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