My Toronto Adventure with Menah and Tyler

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a sunny Saturday in Toronto.  I had a great time with this couple and they brought the fun to the day. I went to highschool with these two and it was great to get caught up and see them again after so many years. I laughed so hard becuase Tyler was the same old Tyler, one moment serious the next making Menah laugh and doing something crazy.   Tyler being the native of the Toronto area toured us around the University of Toronto campus. I have to admit it was a little overwhelming at first but the more we walked the easier it was to figure out where we were and where other landmarks were.   I loved the old architecture of the buildings and we found some excellent and different places.  As a photographer I LOVE, love, love new locations.  It allows me to work with different settings and explore new things.  We used doors, walk ways, stairs, and even found some graffiti.

We had some fun shots and some more serious ones. M and T were nervous at first (me also as I was shooting with people watching as the walked by – that doesn’t happen in little old Listowel) as neither really knew what to do and  how to sit but once I posed them for a few photos they became more natural and their true personalities came out.  I love it when my subjects true personalities come out becuase the pictures are then a true representation of who they are.  Which are the most meaningful kinds of photos.

Thanks Menah and Tyler for a great day. It was wonderful to see you both again after a few years, and thanks for being patient and trying all the things I asked of you!

– N

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