Baby Addison

I met this beautiful new born when she was about 3 weeks new.  Arynn saw the new born pictures of baby Pierce as she went to school with Nicole and contacted me to get some photos of her baby girl Addison.  I was excited to take these photos becuase I had just finished a new born mentoring session with my friend Trica from Tricia Marie Photography and learned so many wonderful things about capturing new borns using different poses and natural light.

When I got to Guelph Addison was awake and we were able to get some family photos as well as some with the sling and some new hats.  We were having troubles getting baby A to sleep as she wanted to see what all the comotion was about. We tried everything from feeding to turning out the lights to wrapping her up in moms arms. Finally we decided to keep moving taking more photos.  Who would have guessed that wrapping her up in a cuddly blanket and putting her into a basket would make her fall asleep!  She was a sleep for such a long time (or so it seemed) as we went to do the last photo she woke up and she started crying, not wanting any more photos done.

Thank you to Arynn and Brook for letting me photograph your little princess. I hope that you enjoyed the day as much as I did.

– N

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