Baby Sophie and Baby Levi

I am finding that I really love shooting newborns more and more.  There is something so precious about new life and capturing all the little details that make them whole.

This session was part of a mentoring session with fellow photographer Tricia McLeod from Tricia Maire Photography in Waterloo. She was helpful with everything from working with parents to the editing process at the end. If you are a new photographer or one who has been photographing for many she does an excellent job at working with you to get you more confident in your abilities.

But back to the babies!

Baby S was 13 days new when we photographed her. She was so wonderful and was very cooperative. S and her family travelled to Waterloo for the day to help me out and I really appriciated it. I got to try new props and use my new 50 mm lens to capture her and her little “tutie” as Trish would say!  Even though it was a challenge we managed to get a picture with Big Brother B which just makes me smile!!!

Next we had Baby L. He was a little cutie pituti as well. The youngest in the family of three he was ready for his modeling debut.  He was so good and was a sleep for most of the time. L is in his third week of life so it was interesting to see the difference between a baby within the first 10-14 days and 21 days new.

Thanks ladies for bringing your two little bundles of joy. Thanks to Tricia for all her wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement. I feel much more confident in my ability to work with newborns and also have many new things that I want to create.  So many creative things going on from this day!

If you a looking to book a newborn session please feel free to message me. It is the best to get your little one photgraphed within their first 10 days of life. So if you are pregnant now or due in the next few weeks/months send me a message and we can work on setting up something  for when your little one arrives!

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