The McCutcheon Family

The McCutcheon family braved the cold with me to get some fun family photos done on an outdoor rink. We had originally thought about taking these photos in the arena but it never seemed to work out for us or fit into a time where we could use the ice for a short period of time.  Then one day Jana messaged me and said how about we try an outdoor rink.  I was like that would totally work out.  So we packed up and went out to Gowanstown to skate around on a friends rink.

Now if you know Jim at all you will know that he LOVES the Montreal Canadians.  I was a little worried at first of how my camera would react to that particular team as it is not one of my faves (only kidding) but we had a great time, and I am pleased to say that my camera IS still in one piece.  All 4 family members had their own jersey and red mittens. Claire was ready with big smiles and Camryn showed me all of her skating tricks. These girls were so fun to take pictures of becuase every time I turned they were making a new face, skating around and even taking a few tumbles.  Now I must admit that this next event was pretty funny but as I was getting set up for some photos I fell in the snow, saving my camera of course, but I ended up laying there with a snow covered back and a cold bum!  I am glad there were no other cameras around to take that picture 🙂

The girls were so good dealing with the cold but eventually it caught up to us so they put on some cute coats and skated a bit more!

What a great way to spend a day, even though it was cold and snowy I think it is safe to say we all had a fun time.


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