Boxing Day Family – The Reis’

It’s wonderful to have the whole family together over the Christmas holidays. I know I love spending time with family and friends but when an ocean separates you it becomes an even more special time.

I have known the Reis family for many years. I know 2 of the families really well and know the others by association or seeing them at holidays and special events.  I was approached to do photos on Boxing day as Susan was home from England and all the family would be together.  We started out taking photos indoors which was good but limited to what could be done and where people could be located. We had a ton of laughs over poses, faces and even socks.

Once we finished everything indoors we went outside of a number of poses.  I enjoy the sparkle of the sun on the snow but it makes taking pictures a little more challenging!

I had a great afternoon with this wonderful family. I hope that you had a wonderful time together and that these pictures can be cherished while you are apart.

– N

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