When I think of Chelsey, I see a long time friend and a beautiful young lady who is never shy when I ask her to step in front of the camera. But many others know Chelsey as a hockey player, and a very sporty person. Not many would think model like I do.
Growing up in the same neighbourhood as Chelsey I have seen her grow into who she is today, and I couldn’t be happier to write about her in my new sessions for senior students. I can say that it has not always been the friendly relationship that we have now but I enjoy the time we spend together.
Chelsey has always been there for me when I wanted to try out my new cameras or new locations or new lighting…. etc (you get the picture, right?) so when I had the idea of offering fun sessions for seniors so they could show their true personality, she agreed to help me out. We travelled all over Listowel to find some fun locations to work with. It is always fun to photograph people when they are feeling comfortable and having fun, it is then when their true personality appears. Chelsey, although very pretty, has a life that is very centered around hockey so we incorporated her team (the Kitchener Rangers) into the session as well.  In the next year Chelsey will be embarking on her post secondary career with the hopes of playing University level hockey.   I wish you nothing but the best of luck whether it is in Canada or across the border in the states, I know you will make the most of your time where ever you go!

Thanks again Chelsey for the fun afternoon of laughs and good times!

– N

** If you would like more information on Senior Sessions or would like to book one, please feel free to send an e-mail to **


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