‘Tis The Season of Giving – Belford/Lewis Family

Where do I begin with this family. The Belford family has been part of my families circle of friends for many years.  Meeting at the marina in the summer we have stayed connected throughout the years.  I was excited when I got to help the kids out with a present for their families. Jenn the oldest of the 3 kids contacted me to set up a time to capture her family as well as her husbands family, for Christmas gifts.  What worked out even better was that Jenns parents were here in Listowel for the weekend visiting with my parents!!! What a swap that was.

So I set off on another adventure, packing up my camera and props for the day.  I got to Brampton and was welcomed into Jenn and Steve’s home, we were only there for a quick minute before we were off to Gage Park.  It was different for me working in a city setting as not to often in rural Listowel do I have that many cars or people driving/walking through the background of the pictures.

We started with the Lewis family, and it was clear the support and love that there was for one another. Steve’s sister Angela and her son Nathan joined and we had a great time (especially with the playground) . Nathan was so much fun to work with and was always ready for a fun picture to happen.

To warm up in between sessions we headed to McDonalds, not for very long just long enough to get warm, then were back to the park for the Belford family.  Jenn, James and Laura (and their significant others – Steve, Amanda and Sean) were ready to go – even their pets were part of some photographs. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. Some couples, individual families, baby, and a full group shot were done in the park. As lighting started to become an issue we snuck back to Jenn’s parents house and did some pictures in front of the fireplace like they used to do when they were children.

I hope that this little glimpse into these two families show how much the kids work together and create a family that is loving and caring for each other.  Thanks Jenn and the gang for thinking of me and allowing me to capture your families memories at this point in all your lives.

– N

NOTE:  It is always nice to get messages back after pictures have been given as gifts . To hear the different reactions warms my heart…  On Christmas day BEAUTIFUL was the word that was used to describe these particular photos!!

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