Three’s Company With the Sproats

Where do I start with this family.  They are a wonderful group to spend a day with.

I have known Mandy for many years whether through the Kinettes, scrapbooking, the day care or teaching Jayden Swimming lessons, so I was very excited when she asked me if I would capture her family photos this year.

I was supposed to capture this family earlier in October but the cold hit us both so we had to reschedule our photo date.  So when it started raining the morning I was supposed to do the photos I was a little bit sad because I really wanted to get these photos taken for them. Needless to say it stopped raining and I set out on  the days adventure.

I headed up to Port Elgin to McGregor Provincial Park which was full of fun little paths to take photos on and around.

From the first minute stepping out of the vehicles I knew I was in for a great day! Jayden (2) was bright, smiley and ready to go. This family has so much love for each other that it was great to see. We sang songs, walked paths and even ate smarties (anything to get kids to sit and smile).

The following photo is one that Mandy asked to do. She had it done last year when Jayden was one.  This time we added a little fall flare to it.

After 2 hours of shooting (which it didn’t seem that) we were all getting tired but Jayden was singing his songs. I got a big hug from him and headed home. The one thing I love about going to different locations is that I get to see some spectacular  landscapes and sunsets. Here is the one I captured on my way home from Port Elgin!

Thanks for the fun Mandy and Jason. I hope that your new life in Port Elgin is wonderful and that your pictures represent you as a family now!

I would also like to thank Pete from Imageport photography for suggesting the location!

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