Fall Families – A Mixture of Kaufman Klicks Sessions

I have had the opportunity to capture many families over the past few months! Too many to write full blogs about but not too many to leave them off the blog all together!  All of the families I have worked with have been unique and individual in what they wanted and what we came up with.

Please enjoy the previews below!

The Henderson Family!

This family was ready to go. Capturing their family over the thanks giving weekend we were able to take full advantage of the beautiful weather and the colours!

The Coghlin Family

This family again met with my on Thanksgiving weekend. They were here in Listowel, as many of them live out the the area, for the day and decided that they would like some photos if I had time.  Because they are really good friends of the family I fit them in and we had a fabulous time!

The Brubacher Family

The Brubacher family is one that I have met on several different occasions; swimming lessons and even a friendly game of Poker (which I believe I lost). So I was very happy when they asked me to capture their family in Moorefield.

The McLaughlin Family

For this family we traveled to Maple Keys just outside of Listowel. Treats were the ticket in making these little boys smile!

The Gray Family

Again I traveld to Moorefield to capture another family! We got great weather and the girls were even wearing my favourite colour: PURPLE!!!

Thanks to all my fabulous families. Letting me klick for you is a real pleasure!!!

– N

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