The Cuteness Factor – Fischer Children

What else can I say than these two kids are way to cute for words.

Way back on Friday October 22nd I travelled to Matt and Amy Fischer’s home to capture their two children Cruz and Layla

We had planned on going back into the bush behind their house but it was very cold as it “Snowed” here the night before, and the sun just had not melted it all up yet.  Thus, we ended up staying inside. The home had so much natural light to work with that being inside was alright.  Also the furniture and things around the house made for some great props.

Layla stole the show.  She was smiling, laughing and having fun while I klicked many photos of her. On the other hand Cruz needed a little more persuasion to have his picture taken.

Looking at the proofs I realized that there were good pictures of the two of them together but not one that screamed “This is the ONE” and Amy also agreed. So I ventured out again a few days later to try to get some more photos. I think weather was the factor that changed today. It was sunny but again oh so windy! We did end up getting some great shots outside this time!!!

I had a great time photographing your children Amy and Matt. Thanks for welcoming me into your home

– N

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