Terry Fox

For the past 26 years my dad and I have participated in Terry Fox Run.  Whether it was my dad pushing me in a stroller or the man made cart, dad and I have done it all (except run for me).

This year marked the 30th anniversary of Terry’s Marathon of Hope.  Terry is one of the most inspirational Canadian people I know of. His drive and determination set him aside from many other hero’s.  His strength to push further when the odds were all against him is something we can all strive to be.

This year I got to help out the McCutcheon family as they organized the day. While there I “klicked” some photos capturing many of the different things happening; the starting, the hall, and people gathering.

We ended the day back out my mom and dads place to celebrate Terry’s life. All the family that could be there was there to participate in the day. Some of us swam while others visited. All in all it was a fabulous day!

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