Elaine and Drew – Happily Ever After

Every girl at one point or another dreams of the perfect wedding and riding off into the sunset with her prince.  This dream became a reality for Elaine Rinker and Drew Williams this September.

I recently  had the opportunity to photograph a fabulous couple on one the most important days in their lives. On September 11th I spent the day in St. Catherines and Dunnville with Elaine Rinker and Drew Williams. This wedding for me was really special as it was my first full wedding that I was hired to take the photos for. I cannot lie that I was very nervous going into it but I was also very excited.  In order to take some of the pressure off me and to help me through the day I asked a good friend (Charlotte Clements of cfc pix) of the family to come along with me to make sure I got all the “perfect shots”.  Charlotte has been taking photos for many years and runs her own photography business out of Peterborough and I could not have asked for a better person to be up there right with me with a camera. But enough about me and onto the day.

We started off the day with the bridal party getting ready at Elaine and Drew’s house in St. Catherines. There were so many laughs and so much fun as all the girls were in great spirits for the day ahead. A lot of time was spent here with the girls getting to know them and capturing those little moments from the preparation.

Elaine and Drew’s cat Angus was also very active in the day. If he wasn’t coming out to say hi to us all he was hiding underneath the brides gown.

We left the girls and hoped in the car to travel to Dunnville. I learned that Elaine’s parents originally lived in Dunnville and were married in the church before moving up north to Temagami.  We arrived just as the groom and grooms men were heading to the church to start the day.  People started coming in and the ceremony started.  The decorations and beauty of the church suited the day.

With the sun shining bright in the sky and the happy couple all ready to go we started more formal and fun pictures before heading to the reception hall. Again so many laughs were had here with the different people and family members all starting to let loose and preparing themselves for what was yet to come.

For many years Drew’s life was very inspired by hockey. So with his brothers, and close friends we started some road hockey. It only took a few minutes before the boys really got into the spirit of the day. We even had a few cars pass us by.

The reception was held at Club Castropignano and it was just beautiful. The decorations, the set up, the food and the atmosphere allowed for everyone to settle in and have fun.

I should really mention that everything at the wedding was also handmade. I cannot imagine how many hours Elaine and friends put into the invitations, the programs, menus, table cards, and the thank you gifts. They were all just spectacular.

The amount of laughs and the occasional tear, had throughout the reception was amazing. From poems, to the games, to a song and finally to the dance floor, there was never a dull moment at the reception.

Thanks to Drew and Elaine for letting me be a part of your special day. I had a great time and a wonderful experience with all of you.  To quote Carrie Underwood – “Story Book endings, Fairy Tales coming True”, is the line that sums up the day.  Elaine you found your prince and I can feel that it is your happily ever after coming true!  CONGRATULATIONS


  1. I can feel the excitment and love by just looking at those lovely pictures. The blog was a great idea. Very well done…beautiful pictures.

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