Baby Thompson – July 2010

I feel that I have been away from blogging for to long…. so I totally needed to get back into the swing of things…

In July one of my dear friends had a little baby boy.  Although very surprised when she had the baby as he came a week early but he is the cutest bundle of Joy.

Let me just say Alec is very cute and had a full head of hair. We started taking photos on the Friday night and Alec was a little bit cooperative. He just wanted to be awake and being involved in everything that was going on. Even though he was awake I was able to get some really good photos of him.  We called it quits and got ready for round 2 the next night.

Even Blue (The Thompsons dog who was the center of attention for so long) got involved in the pictures!

Round 2 worked a whole lot better.  Alec finally feel asleep and the shots turned out really well.

I had photographed baby’s before but never 5 days old. Such an experience and I am glad I could give the Thompsons some wonderful photos to document the start of their family.

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