Meet the Farties

On September 24th the North Perth Early Years Center as part of Character week welcomed “The Fartie Ladies” to the Day Care center.

This was one of the most fun nights I had been to in a long time.  While there the fartie ladies introduced many songs as well as the book “Meet the Farties”. The fartie family Freddy Fartie, Timmy Tootie, Billy Bubbles, Princess Pop, Oh Not Me Mama and Mr. Bart Fart were so much fun to learn about. “Meet The Farties” this is a book about a family of “Butts” teaching them manners about their “Gassy” adventures. Children and parents alike enjoyed learning about these little “butts” as well as making funny noises, singing songs, and doing actions.

The pictures I have taken show some of the fun that was had that night.

If you want more information on the “Farties” you can visit their website @ or on facebook @

The Philosophy Behind the Book:

Sandra Van Cromvoirt wanted to create something that would be cute, funny and be enjoyed by many.  She also wanted each little book to have a moral or lesson for the children to learn from.  With this little book “Meet the Farties”, she  has found that everyone – not just children, get a real charge out of  “Meet the Farties”.   It is her wish that she can spread joy and laughter with her series of “Meet the Farties” books.

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