Hats off to Summer Vacation!

Here we are July 1st. So many things happen on this day, from birthdays to the start of a wonderful adventure.  I am off for a week to explore all that is nature, while camping at Kill Bear Provincial Park.  This is summer number three for this adventure.

Let me explain something though. For many years I thought camping included all things essential, like a REAL bed, not smelly bathrooms, and that it took place on water. We as a family have a boat, so I guess you could say I camp on water most weekends in the summer.

When I was growing up my mom’s sister and children took me camping at Kill Bear, and there are many stories that go along with that experience but there is not enough time or space for that.  Three years ago my cousin Shestin called me up and said guess what?  To which I asked what’s up? She informed me that Ray and her were taking the kids to Kill Bear for 5 nights.  I thought this was a great idea and joined in for the last two nights.  My tiny tent and a huge thunder storm almost did me in with this whole camping thing. But then last year we went again, the experiences getting better yet we had crappy weather.  Which leads to this year 7 whole days in nature “roughing” it. I cannot wait!

I have attached some of my favourite pictures from up there!!! Happy Canada Day, and cheers to all those on vacation!


PS.. Look for more pictures to come upon return!

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