Miss Charlotte Turns 1

About a month ago I was honored to take Charlottes birthday pictures.  As a friend of the family I was also very honored that they chose me to capture a special moment in their lives.  We headed off to Waterloo to take some photos a Victoria Park.  Although very sunny we were able to find some fun spots to capture photos.

We had many laughs throughout the day and some fun games of peek-a-boo, here is what happens when we capture Charlotte in the middle of a small game? Priceless smiles; smiles upon smiles!!!!

I also thought that it would be so much fun to add balloons to this fun day. Why not, all kids like balloons.  This was a challenge with sitting on the stool, the wind and the right angle, with the sun. But I would like to think that they turned out well, and I think I may use balloons again.  From playing with them and watching them blow in the wind, we were able to entertain Charlotte for a little while.

The 2nd portion of the photo shoot was done at home with CAKE…. Charlotte and her green chair was so energetic and childlike, because it was bright and colourful. Charlotte is very funny to watch because her facial expressions change from one moment to the next. The pictures here are some of my favourte Charlotte faces.

From the Birthday Girl shirt we moved to the cake. This process took a while because she was exploring the pink cake. Once it came to trying it, Charlotte was all over the cake. it was almost like FEED ME MORE!!!! Please enjoy the following!

The next three picture make me laugh because who cries over chocolate cake or any cake for that matter but Charlotte had a few tears and I captured them. I wasn’t going to post these but they are to cute not to post.  I have to say thanks to Amanda Stratton for posting her crying pictures first because I would not have posted these. There is just something cute about the few tears

I would like to thank Alison for giving me the opportunity to spend time with Charlotte and for her patience while I tried new things inside. The more I do the more comfortable I am feeling.   Happy 1st Birthday Charlotte, thanks for letting me be a part of it!!!

If you would like to see more pictures, check them out on facebook – Kaufman Klicks


  1. Nicole, you have truly done a fabulous job. I love each and every picture that you took! You have truly captured her personality, and have certainly made her very first birthday, one that will be cherished forever!

  2. Oh My Gosh! SO adorable!!! How did you get that background? Did you bring it with you? or in photoshop – the plain white I mean 🙂

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