The Crossland Family

The Crossland’s are a wonderful family, whom I have known for years, ever since Katie and I became friends and our mothers started singing together.  Last October Katie moved out to British Columbia to pursue a career in nursing, and this was her first time home since then, so we set out to capture the family as a whole.

I started out with Katie and Chris and we had a blast taking pictures. Who would have known that only a few days after we could say that these are the engagement photos (but personally I think there will be another session for that). Although it was sunny we had to brave the cold of the wind, which was a challenge but we managed to get through. For all the nice weather we had this was a change and a shock to the system.

Out at Colleen’s aunts farm, we found many places to take pictures. Once Katie and Chris and I had warmed up, the rest of the family arrived.  We had a really good time despite the fact the Ben really doesn’t like getting his picture taken.  Lots of laughs and lots of time spent with family.

Aside from the large group we took all sorts of individual pictures and even Nana got involved and so did Ben’s girlfriend Sarah.

There were many objects out on the farm that hold a special place in the families heart. The farm is up for sale now and the family wanted some of the landmarks captured so they could have them for the future. The old apple tree was the center of all of the memories they talked about, thus it had to be captured. Please enjoy some of the many wonderful objects that made the farm a special and perfect place to have the photos done.

Thanks once again to the Crossland family for letting me be apart of your family once again. You truly are a family the has been there for me while growing up and I am glad I could capture all that is you.

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