Photo of the Week – May 24

First of all I would like to say happy long weekend to everyone. I know that I am enjoying my day off today, especially with all the sunshine!!!

May 2-4 for me in the neighbourhood consists of fireworks to end the weekend. So I thought what better way to end the long weekend, then to post about fireworks.

Fire Works
by Jon Coe

Tinderbox filled to the brim
gun powder, fuses and trim
Matches lit, time to run
look up, let’s have some fun
Cascading trails of sparkling light
occupying darkness, this magical night
One after another, fireworks are lit
boom, bang, crackle, they flit
Tentacles of multi-coloured champagne
giant jelly fish spanning terrain
Psychedelic octopuses, eight legs and more
labyrinthine mosaics, agape with dropped jaw
Comets of treacle, slowly descending
dripping from space, fading and blending
Replaced each second, new sights to adore
rippling cosmic tides of candescent, albacore
Diamonds and rubies, set in purple luster
strewn across dark velvet, star’s feathery duster
Sparkle and glimmer of heavenly visions
fireworks exploding, eye’s banquet of munitions
Feasting upon eye candy of rapture
firework display, in memory will capture
These short moments of impetuous joy
everlasting, mind’s spontaneous toy

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