Photo of the Week – April 12

Here is my new attempt to get on here and blog more often.  The photo of the week is a way for me to show you some pictures that may not otherwise get posted. It is not a contest, and no one else will be entered, JUST ME!!!! Accompanying each picture will be a poem or quote that links to the theme I am going for.

Here is the first one, hope you enjoy.


Tomorrow’s my unbirthday,

And I can hardly wait,

For every day I have one

Is a day to celebrate.

I love unbirthday parties,

My friends enjoy them too,

We love to play unbirthday games…

I always have a few.

I love unbirthday presents,

They fill me with delight,

I love my grand unbirthday cakes

And savour every bite.

Tomorrow’s my unbirthday,

I’m overjoyed, hooray!

I also had one yesterday,

I’m having one today.

By: Jack Prelutsky

With Alice in Wonderland out in theaters, I thought this clip would go along with the poem and the picture. Happy Unbirthday to YOU!

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