Photo of the Week – April 19th

Here we are week 2 of my photo of the week, and I am having fun with it… A good friend of my family e-mailed me last week and showed me a new website and I am now receiving a daily dose of imagery, which is so inspiring for a photographer. It is my hope that you are getting a weekly dose of imagery from me.

This weeks picture is one of my favourites that I have taken in the last few months.  But not just that. It has captured these two young ladies at their finest moments.

I wanted to find a perfect poem to go with this picture because it needed something special. But that wasn’t happening. Yet, while shopping with my cousin I found this perfect quote.

“A sister shares the memories of yesterday, the joys of today and the hopes for tomorrow”

So, for you, if you have a sister or brother remember that they are someone special who can get you through rough times past, present and future.

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