Springing into SPRING!!!!!!!!

It’s that time of year again when the snow melts away, the flowers begin to bloom, the trees start to bud, and everything dead becomes new again.  In the first few weeks of spring we have the mud and the left overs from the winter months (not that it was overly wintery this year).   Sometime is the difficult to deal with when doing pictures outdoors because I look for backgrounds that compliment pictures.  But when you are going on a photo walk everything changes, it isn’t about the background, it is about what interesting things you can find.

A few weeks ago Drew came for a walk with me, interested in taking photos he brought along my Rebel camera and we started taking pictures.

With the cameras in hand we set out on our little adventure.  Drew picked up the use of the camera fast which made it easy for me because I didn’t have to explain a lot of things to him.  It is also really neat when you are out taking photos with someone else to see what they take their pictures of. We may have been in the same location shooting the same picture but they turn out so differently.  What a fun experience for both of us and I hope that we get the chance to try it again in the future.

Here are Drew’s pictures and mine follow.

A photo walk is a great way to get out and get exercise without knowing you are doing it. Try it out sometime, take a friend get your cameras and go for a walk, you will be amazed at all the little things you begin to notice!!!

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