It seems as though the Olympic spirit from the 2010 Winter games in Vancouver has spread across the nation and has even made it’s home in Listowel.  Hunter and Jensen both being sports people were ready for and Olympic sized photo shoot.  

This photo shoot was not only fun to do because of the passion and the spirit that the Olympics had but these two young ladies are really fun and easy to work with. They are always willing to try new things for me.  Yet, in this case it isn’t just the photos that were enjoyable for me, it was the editing process where I had a lot of fun trying out new things with photoshop.

It is no surprise that the colour RED is the one that gets highlighted in these pictures, and is was great to see how this simple tool, changed the way the photos turned out and how dynamic colour accent can be when using it at the right time.

From spending time with these girls throughout the Olympics, I can say that they have the spirit. Whether it is in the over time period of the men’s hockey game or while watching curling or skiing, these girls and their family became enthralled in all that the Olympics has to offer.

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