Going for the Puck

Again January 2010, here I am posting something New! New Year so why not try something new. Hockey has been part of my family for years, and although I love to skate there is no finesse to my skills when it comes to hockey.

I am starting to become more and more comfortable with my camera and with dealing with posing people. But I have never worked with moving targets. So what better time to work and try things out at some of my friends hockey game. Cousins and other family friends made a great set of subject.

The following are some of the pictures from the day.

Where do I begin. This was a bigger challenge than expected. Trying to get the perfect shot like all those sports photographers.  Many of the shots I got were blurry, but not a blurry in not in focus but blurry in the sense that you can see the person moving during the game. This was a little more artistic than I was looking for.

Finally after 2 periods of trying different settings I finally was able to figure out a little bit more in the way of taking action shots.  Although I am still working, this is something I can try and learn. Using books and trying different things I hope that I can continue to improve these skills.

Go Cyclones GO!

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