Heather and Scott Engaged!

One of the many pleasures of photographers is working with great people.  Heather and Scott are no exception to that rule.   Heather has been one of my best friend for many years, so I was honored when she asked me to take her engagement photos.  Although I am not doing their wedding ones (as I am in the wedding party) it was a way for me to give her something special to remember about her special day.  Scott, well he is Scott. I have known him since high school when he and heather started dating, so we hit the friendship mile along time ago. When Heather first approached me, we had expected to do pictures in the fall and she was looking for something different than just around Listowel.  Well fall came and left, bringing with it the winter blues or whites as the snow falls.  After taking a look at some of my cousins wedding photo’s we decided on Cambridge – Old Mill Park.  For many years I had driven past the old mill on my way to Brantford, but never stopped to take pictures.  So, I was like YES!!! This is my lucky day, a new place, great friends and the new camera.

Heather and Scott were both very easy to work with, and we had many laughs along the way. The stone ruins were a great asset to the pictures. We strolled the walk way, made some of our own sidewalk graffiti, and had fun with a scarf!  We even met some nice people and their dog who stopped to talk about their engagement as well. Although the sun was beating down the sheer cold of the day was getting the best of all of us.  Asking these two lovely’s to sit in the snow (I at least brought them a blanket) was not up their ally but they eventually caved and we got some really neat pictures.

The best part about working with these two was that I was able to try out new poses, and use new settings on my camera.  So it was a learning process for us all.  Heather and Scott prepared themselves for wedding photos (Heather said she was happy she was getting used to the photo’s with me before the other photographer) and I prepared myself for the future.  We all know I will have my camera at the wedding so you never know when and where I may be snapping a few pictures.

I wish Heather and Scott the very best in their upcoming marriage and I want to thank them for allowing me this awesome experience!

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