Meet Gunner!

Well everyone, meet the newest member of the McKee family: GUNNER!!!

Gunner, a 4 1/2 month old Golden Retriever, joined the McKee house hold only a few days before these photos were taken.  He is a super playful puppy and loves all people he meets.  This little addition is so good and is an asset to the family.

When taking photos of Gunner it was somewhat of a challenge, but a good one. Working with him was great, a lot of treats were given out and a lot of help from the boys was needed but Gunners first moments with the McKee’s are now documented for them.

Like I mentioned before Gunner is a very playful puppy.  We went into the field behind their house and played a little fetch with the Frisbee.  Well, Gunner got tired of bringing it back to us so he sat down and started chewing it like any puppy would. Well the two boys decided to join in, on the fun.  Well lets just say it was so much fun all three of them getting into the game!

Whats a photo shoot with a dog without adding shades or dressing the dog up. Yes, that is right, we put sunglasses on Gunner and he was ok with it for the first few seconds then wanted them off… Well this is was ended up being captured. Looking over the sunglasses and licking his lips!!!

Finally, with taking pictures of pets and animals it’s all about patience.  But even though there is a difference between animals and humans you are still stuck with dealing with BLINKING. You would think it would be easier with animals, but it is funny to see the  end product.

Have you ever seen those cards or e-mails where they show a cat or pet laughing? Well I have the perfect picture to add to that collection.  It actually looks like Gunner is laughing.

I would like to thank the McKee’s for this great experience with their new addition. I hope them all the best as Gunner grows and hope to add some new pictures as he grows. What a wonderful puppy!!!

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