A Little “Outside” The Box

It has been such a busy year here at Kaufman Klicks, and I can honestly say I have not blogged nearly as much as I had hoped to.  With that being said I am here to share a little bit of FUN that I have been working on. Every so often it is really fun to get outside my comfort zone and try some new things, and the past months have been no exception. I have been a part of the whole music industry, with photos for my friend Agnes’s Christmas CD (2 different times), I have had my hand in some real-estate photos for The Zahnd Team, and finally have had the opportunity once again to capture images for the 2014 Dynafit Calendar!

I thought rather than my normal family photo, or baby session I would share with you some of the other things I do. All of these different avenues allow me to get in touch with my creative side and think in a different manner!

Agnes Marie Henderson “It’s Christmas” 

What do you get when you put 3 creative individuals in a room together? FUN!!!! Anges, Alicia (graphic designer and Agnes’s daughter) and I got together to play with some Christmas ideas, and we were on a roll!! Now when it came time to print the black was way too dark, so we had to come up with idea #2. Now I am not sure anyone will believe me but the day we went to take the next set of photos it SNOWED!!! Agnes and I hung christmas balls in trees, and placed them in snow. Once Alicia saw them she was like guys this is SOOOOO much more Christmasy!!! Agnes’s CDs are available now and can be purchased from her or from Selingers Music in Listowel, or Listowel Florist.  She also has 3 other CDs that I have gotten to be a part of as well!  I LOVE SUPPORTING LOCAL ARTISTS!!!

1L3A4736 1L3A4756 1L3A5090 1L3A8762 1L3A8832

1L3A0508 1L3A0503 1L3A0506

Real-Estate – The Zahnd Team

My long time Brandon Town has nicely found himself in the real-estate business and when he had a house come on the market here in Listowel he asked if I would go and do some photos for him. I jumped at the opportunity to try something new. I cannot wait to try again and learn the ins and outs of this business.

1L3A0346 1L3A0417 1L3A0421 1L3A0427 1L3A0423

2014 No Excuses Dynafit Calendar 

Once again Dynafit has produced a calendar for the new year. All proceeds are going to support the local food bank. Once again I got to work with my dear creative friend Alicia. She has done an amazing job with the calendar and I love where her mind goes! It is always nice to surround yourself with people who help in creating something memorable and positive! I love working with the creative team at Dynafit and can’t wait until they are here and ready to be purchased!!!

1L3A0333 calendar-30 calendar-35 calendar-63

– N

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