Fall Maternity Session with Jodeyne and Sean | Listowel Maternity Photography

I am always honoured when I am asked to capture exciting moments in people’s lives.  But even more so when long time friends contact me to help them capture an event that means so much!

Jodeyne and Sean have been a part of my life for years, I would even go as far as to say we are family.  These two are world known figure skaters, coaches, production company owners and photographers. Sean is one of the 2 photographers that have helped me in becoming who I am and who helped me find a love for the amazing world of photography.

Now, Sean being a photographer himself, he has been photographing Jodeyne all the way along the pregnancy. When they came back to Canada from their home in the US it was a no brainer that we needed to get together to capture some images that included Sean as well! Maternity sessions are not something I have ever done much of, but I love them and I was super excited to try new things! But it started raining. I was super disappointed and was trying to figure out places to go to allow us to photograph inside. I was having difficulties coming up with something so I had a moment, and I talked to my amazing guardian angles and asked them if they could hold off on the rain for an hour so that I could get some photos and wouldn’t you know it, 30 minutes later the skies opened and we had amazing light! So I need to say a thank you to all those whom I love dearly who were looking out for the 4 of us this day!

I hope that you enjoy these photos, as much as I do. I felt today was a great day to share as Jodeyne and Sean are patiently waiting for their “wee-one” to make her appearance. I wish these two nothing but the best as they become parents in the next few days! I am excited to meet the little one when she finally makes her entrance into the world. There is no doubt in my mind that this little girl will have amazing parents and will have the best people watching out for her as she grows older both here on earth and in spirit form.


– N


I had to add these last four photos because how can you work with pairs figure skaters and not have some crazy lifts!!! I know Jodeyne LOVES to fly and I can only image that the little one will enjoy it, especially with someone like Sean protecting them!


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