The Miller Family

I am sure as many of you read the title you were wondering if I was going crazy because I recently posted about the Miller family.  Well you will not be seeing the same photos in this blog as this is another Miller family that I am good friends with, as I am sure you have guessed.

This photo session was a gift for Shelley, so when Aleisha messaged me we had to keep it a secret. This task was not easy as about a week before I was over at their place and Shelley started talking about how she really wanted some photos done. So I said sure I would love to do that (trying to keep a straight face) and we talked about doing them in the winter maybe with their sleds.  Justin was in the other room trying not to laugh as we were all in on the gift.

Two weeks later Shelley got the gift and we were off for some photos. We chose a day with no hockey or work in the way but holy is was cold out. The day before was nice and sunny and warm,  but we got the first real cold spell of the winter for our photos.  We braved the cold and the wind even added the “Fashion” wind blown look in some of the photos which is always fun to have when you least except it (at least on my end).

We started down the ally and at the library here in town.  I had a lot of fun trying to pose the family, and even the dog – although he was not as cooperative as the other were.

In order to get warmed up we hoped in the cars are drove out to my favourite location.   We had a lot of fun out there and even added a little hockey theme to the photos.

Thanks Aleshia, Brett, Justin and Lawrence for thinking of me for photos for your mother. Happy Birthday Shelley, I hope that you had a great time! Finally, thanks to the whole family for putting up with the weather! I had a great time creating some new memories for you!

– N

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