The Miller Family

It is always a pleasure when you get to photograph good friends.  This is another family that I took pictures of when I first started out.

Check out their pictures from when the kids were much younger.

This year I headed to Wroxeter to capture Debbie and Shawn’s family.  We also had Debbie’s parents Cam and Carol Edger with us as well. Debbie is an only child (like me) and so her family also wanted pictures as well. With grandchildren, the family as a whole, and Debbie and her parents. There was no shortage of fun with these people let me tell you. If you know the area you know that Wroxeter is a very small community so we walked all over the place to try and find unique places to take photos.  We found an old building that we were able to use and I just loved it.

There were so many cool things to explore while there and I tried new things out with poses, which some worked and some didn’t but now I know what is going to work or not.

The Millers just recently added a new member to their family. Ford – yorke schnauzer – who is the cutest little thing ever.  The pictures with him worked out so well, better than many of us had expected as he is a very active dog.

I love taking pictures of families that are willing to be crazy and have fun! As you can see this family has the fun factor under control. We had animals, wheel barrows,  yoga and even an appearance from Justin Bieber!

Thanks again Debbie and Shawn for making me feel like a part of your family, not just while taking the photos but on a daily basis!

– N

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