Steph and Steve – I DO

In early September I recieved this email:

Hi Nicole,

Not sure if you remember me or not, My mom, Vicki Mackenzie and your mom are friends. I was chatting with Vickie a few weekends ago while visiting in Listowel and your name came up as I’m looking for a Photographer for something in just a week and a half away!

My best friend is getting married in Kitchener in a few weeks and she asked me to take a few photos. But as a gift I wanted to see if I could get someone to come and take a few pic’s. As I said, your name came up.

I believe you might even know the bride – Stephanie Bancroft. Or at least know her sister Melanie. Stephanie is getting married in less then two weeks so my first question is would you be available and interested?

If so the wedding is going to be in Kitchener at City Hall on Tuesday September 28 at 3pm. I was hoping to have someone show up around 2:45 (we’ve been asked to be there right for 3) and take pictures during the ceremony and then we are gathering for photos after in the lobby and weather permitting at Victoria Park.

I could take the pictures myself (although I don’t have the eye, talent or steady hand of someone like yourself) plus I want to be able to enjoy the day too. And I’m really hoping that they can just get a few great pictures of themselves and their family.

Thanks so much, Looking forward to hearing from you!


After reading this I was very excited to help her out (Although I am sure that she would have done a great job as well).  Still on somewhat of a high from Elaine and Drew’s Wedding I was up for the challenge, So on Tuesday September 28th I headed down the road to Kitchener City Hall for the small wedding.

The Chapel at city hall (Wedding Belle) was just the perfect size for the day. I wish I could say the same for the weather. It rained all day so instead of heading to Victoria Park we went for Plan B and ended up taking the photos in the atrium at City Hall.  The atrium was very beautiful and full of natural light so it was a perfect place to do the photos. We have very few disruptions but ran into a few problems when the high school let out around 3:30 but we worked through it and even ended up outside with an umbrella.

I had a great afternoon with the lovely couple and wish them the best of happiness in the future. Thanks for letting me capture your first official day together as Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Steph Cook.


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