Schlueter Hyundai | Kitchener Waterloo Head Shot Photography

Welcome to 2015!

I have been away from the blog for a long time, but I thought I would start with something new that I am doing.  Head shots are a great way to show your audience who you are. Are you a musician, business man/woman, an aspiring actor, etc… Head shots help show your personality and give people a chance to see you before they meet you!

For this blog I would like to share some of the staff from Schlueter Hyundai in Waterloo ( I have known this staff for a long time as my cousin works for them.  I always have a great time when I am there and this was no different.  We were able to get exactly what they needed, but alas it wouldn’t be a true visit without a good laugh.


– N

hyundai headshot headshot2 headshot3 headshot4 Untitled outtakes2 outtakes

And check it out! Website!

Screenshot 2015-01-03 21.04.39 Screenshot 2015-01-03 21.05.29


  1. I love that you’re using their work place as a background instead of a white wall. It brings so much more personality to the picture. I tried to bring that idea to a group of realtors once but they thought it would look weird. I’m a little jealous! 😉

    Nice work!!

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