This is Me – The One Behind the Camera

Being a photographer means that, unless you are taking a “selfie”, you are the one that is behind the camera taking all the photos for others to enjoy.

In the past years I have made several changes in my life to become the best version of myself I can be.  I have changed physically, and mentally but my personality has only grown stronger as I have come into my own.  I had my dear friend Sean from Serenity Photo take some pictures of me when my fist big changes happened.  Since then I feel that I have had a number of life experiences that have allowed me to grow-up, so to speak.

20120716 -0042-1 20120716 -0089 20120716 -0109

Chris, from Click Photography, has been a photographer that I have followed for years and  have got to know through a group of photographers who are part of the Smiling Eyes Foundation.   It was honestly like we knew each other for a long time even though this was our first official time meeting in person.  I chose to do some professional styled pictures as well as some playful shots.  For anyone who knows me you understand my fetish for shoes and naming them after Disney Characters! Well we had fun with them at this shoot and even found my frog prince.

Thank you to Chris for an amazing time together I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures and cherish our new and growing friendship.

To all of you…. THIS IS ME!!!! The One Behind the Camera

Kaufman Kaufman2 kaufman3 kaufman4 Kaufman5 View More:


PS here is my Frog Prince!

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