Come Play With Me – Cathy, Sam and Beth | Listowel Family Photography

Cathy and I have been friends and coworkers for a few years and I have watched her 2 kids grow up and was honoured when she called wanting some family photos. Cathy had always wanted pictures and decided that it was high time she had some that she could share with family and hang on her wall. I met with Cathy, Sam and Beth at their home in Listowel for a little “play.” Cathy was looking for family photos that showed a more playful in the moment type pictures, and I think we were able to capture that.  We had so many laughs, had to play lots of tag and have many races!!! Even though we did a lot of “informal” type photos, I was still able to catch one of each of the kids that are totally wall worthy!

Cathy thank you so much for letting me come and play with you and your family. I had a great time. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you and your 2 adorable little kids.

– N

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