2014 Paddyfest Ambassador Contestants | Listowel Community Event Photography

Once again it is the time of year that Listowel paints the town green, in honour of our 2 week long Paddyfest celebration! This year I am in charge of the Paddyfest Ambassador Contestants and with that came a fun photo session for their head shots and a little fun in our community.  I would like to thank Ashley from Ashley Martin Make Up Artistry for the makeup this year!

I have been with these girls for 2 weeks and all I can say is WOW. There dreams and ambitions are awesome.  My encouragement for you is to always reach for your goals, set attainable ones and then make more!  We have been to a ton of events and have 4 more full days to go… It’s time to get our St.”Paddy” on!!!! So while we do that please enjoy the following photos!

– N

1L3A2780bw Jenna 1L3A2799bw Sam 1L3A2820bw Adrienne 1L3A2832bw Victoria Group1 Group2

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