Menah and Tyler Married – June 2012

Menah and Tyler started off my 2012 wedding season with style and flare. We had such a great day despite the rain. I always enjoy teaming up with fellow photographer Tim Hutchison and this day was no different.

Sometimes there are just no words to describe the fun that I have with the bride, groom and wedding party but this day was no exception. Tyler and the guys were very enjoyable to work with. We had wonderful smiles and then we had totally craziness. Same can be said with Menah and the girls. We laughed and joked, had a little sass and even some crazy faces. After the ceremony we travelled to Victoria park where we did the family photos and wedding party pictures. We did have to shoot through spurts of rain which always seemed to start when we wanted to take pictures and stop when we were done. Throughout this I found some new cool places  to shoot which was awesome as I am always looking for new places. We even had some strangers come up and talk to us about cameras (well mostly Tim, hahahah).  One thing you need to know is that this couple was so organized and I must give credit to their wedding planner for helping to find amazing locations for us to shoot. I have never worked with a wedding planner before at a wedding and for the first time it was a great success.

The wedding and reception all took place at Bingemans Ballroom in Kitchener. Although the rain kept us from the outdoor ceremony the indoor chapel was a great location as well. The hall was decorated simply yet elegantly, which finished the day perfectly.

And then there was singing, a crazy photographer (taken by Katie) and a pyramid 🙂

Menah and Tyler, I thank-you for allowing me to be a part of your day and for letting me try to bring out who you are in your photos. I know I can speak for Tim as well when I say we had a fabulous day. All the best as you truly begin your lives together as man and wife.

– N

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