Baby Kloey – The Extreme Teaser!

This blog is going to be a big teaser from one of this weeks newborn sessions, but I could not resist sharing it with all of you. I have been working really hard in 2012 to do some new poses especially this pose (I think I am at 5 tries).

I need to put a little disclaimer in here, because you all need to know that this is a composite photograph which means I have taken 2 separate photos and placed them together to make one photo.  Newborn safety is very important to me so this pose does not alway work.  Because of the weight of their head on their arms it takes a lot of team work between mom and photographer to get this picture right and safe so there is no pressure on their little bodies.

So without further ado I give you baby Kloey (10 days new), sporting an Ave & Emy Desings head piece.

– N

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