Baby Jack

I met baby Jack at the NICU ward at London’s Sick kids hospital.  I was happy that I could get down to London to help out a family and capture some pictures of their son.  Jack was such a cutie and sooo good to work with.  Here are a few images from our session. I was lucky that he was sleeping for a lot of the time so we were able to try new things out and use a bunch of different hats (which was awesome because the last few newborns have all been girls!). Jack was 8 weeks old when doing these pictures. He is now home and doing great!

I even got a smile out of Jack. I really LOVE this picture

– N

One comment

  1. Oh, how adorable!!! Nice work, Nic! And, those hats are so cute – do you know where they came from? I have a little nephew who will be born late Oct/early Nov. and I think he needs one (or more) of these hats!!

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