The Buchanan Family

I am sure if you live around the Listowel area the BUCHANAN name is one that many know.  I was asked to capture this family when they were all together in Atwood for a family party. When I first agreed I was not aware of the size of the family.  I thought the last family I captured with 12-20 people was a fair number but the Buchanan’s blew it out of the water with 57 people. I still laugh because I know Sherri’s family from hockey so when I got there I asked where “Buck-y” was and someone answered “which one”. I had to laugh cause there were a lot of “Buck-y’s” all in one place.  I had so much fun with everyone !!!  Here are a few of my favourites from the day.

All the photos were taken and Sherri and Brad’s place what a great yard, full of so many great backdrops!

After pictures everyone dug into some great food and cup cakes!!!! Here is the out come of the cupcakes!

The following photos make me laugh. As we were ending the night Lane or Sage or Bo or even Blake(I am pretty sure) grabbed a bucket of frogs and the kids had frog races. The object was without touching the frog to make it across the finish line first. I had the opportunity to capture it and I jumped on it.

Thanks to the Buchanan’s for being patient so we could capture all the photos! I had so much fun with you and enjoyed meeting each and every Buchanan!!!

– N

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